Bettison Presents Workplace Violence Seminar (11/22/13)

Stacy Bettison presented “Every Employer is Vulnerable: A Guide to Preventing Workplace Violence” at Winthrop & Weinstine’s Employment Law Seminar, Thursday, November 21st, at Windows on Minnesota.

Stacy Bettison, Kris Kienlen and Laura Pfieffer presenting workplace violence seminar for Winthrop & Weinstine Employment Law Seminar.

Bettison presented alongside Dr. Kristine Kienlen (Minnesota Threat Assessment and Forensic Professionals) and Laura Pfeiffer (Winthrop & Weinstine) moderated.

Bettison’s presentation focused on employee communications and engagement to create a trusting workplace in which employees feel valued and supported. She also discussed communication strategies for announcing lay-offs, terminations, and other difficult situations. The full range of her topics included:

  • Creating a workplace culture of trust
  • The importance of trust in the workplace
  • Ways to destroy trust
  • Rebuilding trust through communications and actions
  • Communications for difficult situations
  • Strategies for de-escalating and protecting employees
  • Supporting the former employee
  • The role of community relations

Along with other seminar topics featuring several the Winthrop’s employment law attorneys, including Minnesota Whistleblower developments, FMLA and ADA job reinstatement, social media and the NLRB, wage and hour audits, employee benefits for same-sex marriage couples, and workplace violence.

This seminar was similar to one presented at the Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute on May 20, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Click here to view a “Workplace Violence Checklist” originally prepared for MinnCLE.