PR Lessons from the Trump White House — featuring Stacy Bettison

There have been some pretty wild news stories from the Donald Trump
White House. Recent reputation-harming statements from public relations representatives Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah make one wonder: What the heck is going on over there?

Paul Maccabee, President of Maccabee, a Minneapolis, MN based strategic public relations and online marketing agency, takes this recent storm step by step, digging into how Public Relations and Legal shouldwork together in clients’ best interests. Situations are not always cut-and-dry—especially when dealing with law vs reputation, so Maccabee consults with our own Stacy Bettison (both a lawyer and public relations professional) on where potential issues lie. He gets some great advice on how P.R. pros and legal can handle sensitive media situations while working on behalf of their clients.

Please visit the Maccabee blog here and read the full story, now featured on PR Daily and Bulldog Reporter/Agility PR.