Words = Power

Words have power to connect us with each other. To build bridges. To mend ways. To bring recognition to the important stuff. To redirect attention where we need it most.

We are pleased to launch a new series at BETTISON, Power of Words. With this content, we will share our favorite words, the historical meanings behind idioms that we use everyday, and inspiration for what words can do to make our world a place of intentional and positive communication.

We recognize words also serve as weapons and tools. Used offensively or defensively, words protect. Serve as a shield, or a shot across the bow.

Of course, they can be used in a way that brings great harm. We’ve seen countless examples — eras, in fact — of how words alone can bring widespread ruin. Used maliciously, words destroy.

At BETTISON, we are wordsmiths and word curators. We look for the right words to express exactly what our clients need to communicate. We take every word very seriously, and never take for granted the extreme power every word holds. We are strategic in the words we choose.

We hope Power of Words teaches and inspires you as it does us.