Bettison Teaches Litigation Communications CLE

Litigation communications are tricky, but lawyers play a critical role to protect their clients’ reputation in litigation.

Stacy Bettison recently presented a one-hour continuing legal education seminar to help lawyers understand litigation communications: The 5 Most Critical Steps to Protecting Reputations in Litigation at Shepherd Data Services.

Stacy wrote an article in advance of the seminar, which you can find here, covering the must-do’s when clients are faced with litigation or other crisis/critical issues:


  • Determine your communications objectives;
  • Be prepared for social media;
  • Careful disclosing information;
  • Be empathetic; and
  • Coordinate legal and public relations strategies.

Stacy Bettison and Evan Rice are experienced attorneys who bring valuable insight and guidance to clients involved in litigation that is likely to become or already is high-profile.

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