Bettison Presents at Hamline School of Law on Health Care Crisis Communications

Stacy served as a guest lecturer at Hamline University School of Law’s Health Care Compliance Skills course on April 7, 2014.  She presented “Critical Strategies — Health Care Crisis Communications & Management.”  Among the topics Stacy covered:

  • Key elements of strong reputations
  • Objectives after a health care, health clinic or hospital crisis
  • The importance of having a media plan
  • How to ensure accurate investigations
  • Coordinating legal, business and communications strategies
  • The need to be responsive, quickly
  • Why monitoring media coverage is so important
  • How to assert legal defenses without appearing defensive
  • And much, much more.
Stacy, a licensed attorney, former litigator and communications strategist, regularly speaks and provides training on a variety of topics including crisis and legal communications, issues management and media relations.