Gratitude — The Most Powerful of All Mindsets

A mindset of gratitude has a powerful effect on shaping our business, our relationships and our success – AT ALL TIMES.

Business or professional crises naturally capture our attention of what went wrong, what isn’t working, and where mistakes were made. And these situations should cause us to take a hard look at what needs to CHANGE.

But it also requires dogged ATTENTION on what currently exists that is GOOD, what is working, and the hard work of people that are making a positive difference.

Which brings us back to gratitude—and two simple, yet POWERFUL, words:


When expressed with SINCERITY and CONVICTION to the people around us, it makes all the difference. It provides acknowledgment and recognition. Put simply, it validates.

When expressed internally — in our own minds – it shifts our focus to what currently is present and available to us. Whether it be our own workforce, customers or resources, it invites a powerful shift that, in fact, enables MORE of the very thing for which we give thanks.

With that, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here’s to a sustained mindset of gratitude.