Smart Strategies for Critical Issues - When
to Call a Communications Strategist

Firm founder, Stacy Bettison, brings more than 15 years of experience to the table. No matter how challenging your situation, chances are she’s helped another client through a similar problem.

BETTISON works with business, organizational and individual clients in Minnesota and nationwide developing communication strategies that meet immediate needs and long-term objectives. Call BETTISON at (952) 426-3744 to reach an experienced, sophisticated communications strategist when you need help with the following:

  • Respond to a media inquiry, particularly if you think it could lead to negative media coverage
  • Prepare a crisis communications plan, including elements of reputation management and media relations
  • Prepare for media coverage in response to a crisis, disaster or negative turn of events
  • Pitch a story to the news media
  • Serve as spokesperson for your company, group or on a critical issue
  • Mitigate negative publicity that could be damaging your reputation or that of your company
  • Address an employee or labor issue
  • Develop messaging to engage in advocacy work for a public policy issue
  • Communicate corporate changes relating to a business consolidation, acquisition or merger, financial announcement, plant closure or layoff
  • Conduct a communications audit
  • Prepare for the launch of a new initiative or special project

BETTISON responds immediately to crisis situations. Call if you are or will soon be facing:

  • A workplace fatality or accident
  • An environmental disaster
  • A government investigation or regulatory citation
  • High-visibility litigation
  • A negative social media campaign or online boycott