Protect, rebuild and restore your reputation.

Reputation management and rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight.

It doesn’t take a big mistake to become the target of negative public publicity. Anything that raises questions about the ethics, integrity or trustworthiness of a company or individual can damage a hard-earned reputation, particularly if it appears online. Recovering from such damage can be challenging.

BETTISON is a Twin Cities crisis communications and reputation management firm. We have more than a 15 years of experience working with corporate and individual clients to manage legal and business risk, and implementing strategies in print, broadcast and social/digital media that mitigate harm and protect the reputation of a person, company, or brand.

While reputation management has its roots in traditional public relations strategies, a reputation management campaign today often involves social & digital media damage control and balances company action with community action. It may include strategies to:

  • Respond to customer questions or concerns expressed online
  • Overcome negative reviews, boycotts or hostile social media campaigns
  • Enhance positive voices in the community
  • Challenge inaccurate and incomplete information
  • Respond to competitor challenges in the media and before regulatory bodies
  • Provide balancing information to put an issue, a company or an industry in context

Whether your stakeholders are investors or donors, employees or volunteers, customers or vendors, BETTISON can help you safeguard your reputation and protect the relationships you care about most.

Reputation management and rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a lengthy process. Let BETTISON help you get started with a comprehensive plan of action and short-term and long-term strategies for recovery.