Effective advocacy requires effective
communications strategies.

In advocacy work, there are always opponents – people on the other side (or sides) of the issue for which you are trying to influence public opinion or craft public policy. Moving an issue forward effectively requires strategic thinking and nuanced communication.

  • Where are your best opportunities for progress?
  • Who are the most likely partners? How can alliances be built?
  • What, or who, are the most likely roadblocks?
  • Can those roadblocks be addressed or do we need to go around them?

A strategic communications firm, BETTISON helps nonprofit organizations, industry associations, and citizen groups in the Twin Cities and across the Midwest in their efforts to influence public policy on critical issues. We have worked on campaigns involving planning and development, the environment, natural resources, social services, and other critical issues.

BETTISON is uniquely positioned to be a valuable resource for public policy and issues advocacy:

  • We understand the legislative process and can help groups develop a legislative strategy that moves their issue or initiative forward.
  • As a newcomer to your issue, we can see the forest for the trees. We work with your team to identify the real challenges as well as opportunities in areas of public concern. We bring a variety of tools to remedy reputation problrepuems and to address crises.
  • We can help you do effective outreach to the media.
  • Depending on the nature of your campaign, you may benefit from our legal knowledge of liability issues, real estate and land use, zoning, and business law.

Public policy work is never accomplished quickly. BETTISON can help you start off on solid footing with a clear vision, a comprehensive plan of action, and short-term and long-term communication strategies.