Make the most of every media moment.

The media doesn’t operate on a one-way street.

You can “make the moment” happen by reaching out with compelling story ideas of interest. Proactively securing positive media coverage will increase visibility, strengthen your brand and, over time, build goodwill.

The Twin Cities media relations firm of BETTISON works with corporate, organizational and individual clients across the state of Minnesota and nationally. We provide media relations and media coaching to help clients protect their reputation, guard against negative public opinion, and overcome false allegations. We can also serve as a spokesperson on our clients’ behalf.

Media relations is a critical function when you need to respond to a crisis or disaster, a business downturn, defamation, a boycott, or other negative publicity that could damage your company’s reputation with important stakeholders or the general public. We have developed solid, trust-based relationship with the news media. Local and regional reporters know BETTISON as an honest, credible source that will be respectful of their needs.

We know the rules of engagement for the variety of media – industry and trade publications, digital and print media, social media and blogs, broadcast media. We can help you tell your story to the media and, ultimately, to other valued stakeholders, by:

  • Developing key messages
  • Establishing relationships with key media and bloggers
  • Explaining media cycles and how they affect you
  • Pitching stories proactively to the media outlets you want to reach

In times of change, or a media relations crisis, BETTISON can prepare you to stay on message. We’ll help you:

  • Determine whether, how and when to respond to media inquiries
  • Set up interviews, negotiate interview terms and guide the direction of questions
  • Prepare to interact with investigative reporters
  • Manage the aftermath of a media story, devising an effective strategy for reputation rehabilitation.