Preparing clients to meet the press.

We provide practical, hands-on guidance to navigate an interview or a media relationship.

Will you or your company be the focus of a news story? Media coverage is a wonderful opportunity to reach key audiences, but it can also be a high-risk endeavor, particularly because media stories appear on-line for years.

It’s vitally important in any media encounter that you appear credible, truthful and competent. Knowing your key talking points is an obvious first step, but more is needed to ensure a successful encounter with a reporter or to establish a productive relationship with an industry blogger. Do you know your weak points? Are you fully aware of all the risks?

BETTISON has helped clients from many different industries tell their story to key stakeholders or the general public in response to a business crisis, negative media coverage, libel or slander, or negative social media exposure.

We provide media relations and media coaching services to corporate executives, high-level managers, communications officers, government officials and others who need to talk to reporters with print, broadcast and digital news media.

We provide practical, hands-on guidance to navigate an interview or a media relationship. BETTISON media coaching will prepare you to:

  • Develop your story and refine your key messages
  • Establish relationships – and boundaries – with reporters, bloggers and social media pundits
  • Answer questions while staying on topic
  • Steer the direction of the interview
  • Interact with reporters of all stripes
  • Establish friendly rapport while staying true to what you need to accomplish
  • Remain composed in the face of tough questions
Will you need to appear on camera?

Videotaping a practice interview will allow you to identify and address any communication quirks or personal habits that may overshadow the message you intend to send. It can also boost your confidence. We provide expert resources specializing in video and speaker training.