Don’t risk losing in the court of public opinion.

Winning in a court of law but losing in the court of public opinion is costly.

When companies face the prospect of a court case, key stakeholders are understandably concerned. Silence does not build confidence; in fact, it can result in false and harmful rumors. On the other hand, it’s often necessary to protect information about legal strategy. Tipping one’s hand can have serious consequences – both legal and PR.

Communications strategy during litigation requires a sensitive balancing of interests and a careful match of PR and legal strategy to ensure one does not undermine the other. Winning in a court of law but losing in the court of public opinion is costly. It’s wise to plan communication strategies concurrent with litigation strategies.

Litigation communication strategy our sweet spot at BETTISON, a Twin Cities litigation communications consulting firm. Firm founder Stacy Bettison, is an experienced attorney, representing clients in class action lawsuits, shareholder litigation, government regulatory actions, business disputes, environmental litigation, employment discrimination, product liability, toxic tort, intellectual property, land use and insurance.

Her trial court experience and extensive knowledge of crisis communication strategies is a unique benefit to the firm’s clients. She works with clients and their legal teams to:

  • Identify public relations vulnerabilities
  • Develop communications strategies and timelines regarding the release of information
  • Position the issues
  • Anticipate various outcomes of trial and build a strategy to address each likelihood
  • Understand the possible PR consequences involved in pleadings, settlement agreements, and guilty verdicts
  • Ensure legal teams and communications teams work together to abide by ethical rules and restrictions

By adding a litigation communications consultant to your legal team, you minimize the risk of unanticipated consequences, and maximize your chance for a positive long-term outcome.