Rich experience in complex communications strategies.

Crisis Communications: Facing Down a Crisis

A timely, credible response can make all the difference in a crisis. But responding appropriately takes vision, knowledge and experience – qualities gained by going through a crisis, or by working with a skilled communication strategist who has handled such issues before. BETTISON provides the strategic communications support you need.

BETTISON has helped clients navigate complex crises involving government investigations, media inquiries and exposés, court cases, business downturns and environmental challenges. You benefit from the unique combination of legal knowledge and crisis communications experience BETTISON brings to the table.

Media Relations: Working With the Media

A single story in print, broadcast or social media can make or break your business or personal reputation. If you choose to respond to the media, you need to do so with a message that is credible and trust-enhancing, on a timeline that reduces the chance the story will spin out of control. A BETTISON communication strategist helps clients get their message across, preparing them for media scrutiny and enabling them to respond effectively in the face of potentially hostile reporting. We have extensive relationships with the media and journalists.

Organizational Communications: Developing Smart, Effective Communication Strategies

Whether it’s a public awareness campaign, a product launch, or a change in company operations that might be interpreted negatively by stakeholders, strategic communication is critical when an organization needs to control the message. BETTISON works with corporate and nonprofit clients to develop communications plans that amplify their message, reflect their values, and strengthen their brand.

You don’t need to wait for a crisis before you contact BETTISON. The firm helps clients develop proactive strategies that nurture goodwill. We can help you with a wide range of strategic communications needs.