Client Testimonial + Case Study: Workplace Crisis

Bettison Client Provides Testimonial for Crisis Communications

Many of our clients call during very difficult moments, some of the hardest moments of their lives and careers. When they need help with crisis communications, it’s usually because a situation has gone from bad to worse.

When they publicly share their experience working with us, it’s a big deal — to them AND us, and we are grateful for their willingness to do so.

The Crisis

A difficult workplace situation arose for our client, who was a dedicated public employee for over 30 years. It was sweeps week for television broadcast news, which meant high-profile stories were the order of the day. The network got tipped off to the controversial situation, and our client’s career was suddenly on the line. She hired legal counsel, and legal counsel recognized that public relations and crisis communications support was needed ASAP.

How BETTISON Crisis Communications Counsel Helped

We navigated media relations, including negotiating interview terms, interview prep, statement drafting, as well as supporting the legal team on related legal matters. At the end of the day, the client received the PR counsel she needed. The story aired, and she was able to articulate her message with clarity and conviction. 

The Take-Away

As with all media stories, it can be a painful process to get through. Once the media attention died down, however, life for our client returned to normal. She went back to work — her lifelong career in tact. Most of all, she grew from the experience and was able to take what she learned and use it to help the people she cared so much about.

Bettison Team Expands Crisis Communications Team