Bettison to Present on Workplace Violence (11/30/12)

While some workplaces are more prone to violence than others, every organization is vulnerable. From laying off an employee, to protecting employees who work in situations more susceptible to violence, employers are well-advised to actively assess risk and take immediate steps to prevent workplace violence.

On December 6, 2012 at 1 p.m. CST, Dr. Kristine Kienlen and I will present “Every Employer is Vulnerable: Assessing and Preventing Workplace Violence” for Occupational Safety and Health. Register here.

We will discuss:

  • elements of a strong prevention policy
  • how to train management teams
  • building employee awareness
  • strategies for creating a culture of trust
  • communications in difficult situations, such as layoffs, firings
  • how to support the fired employee

Dr. Kristine Kienlen, is a forensic psychologist and president of Minnesota Threat Assessment & Forensic Professionals, Inc., a private practice in Minneapolis that provides threat management consultation services and forensic psychological evaluation.

I look forward to a productive discussion on this important topic.