Bettison to Present Data Breach Crisis Management CLE

Depending on its size and scope, a data breach can be a transforming event in the life of an organization. While some data breaches are small, contained events that do not trigger statutory notification obligations or garner widespread attention beyond the affected few, larger breaches can cause serious damage to an organization’s long-term reputation and standing.

The most important aspect of managing a breach boils down to timeliness – timeliness of discovery, investigation, notification and responsiveness. When any aspect of managing a breach is ill-timed, stakeholder trust and loyalty are at risk.

Bettison will present “Data Breach Crisis Management: Investigate, Assess, Notify” at the 2014 Computer and Technology Law Institute, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. See full brochure here: Computer & Technology Law Institute 2014

Among the topics Bettison will cover for attorney attendees:

  • Federal & state reporting obligations
  • Industry specific notification requirements
  • Planning a response to data breaches
  • How to notify — who, when, and how

Bettison will join Paul Luehr of Storz Friedberg for this informative CLE.