Bettison Interviewed by ADWEEK — How to Apologize

We’ve written extensively about apologies – that’s because a proper apology, while simple in its elements, is tricky in its execution.

Legal and liability issues may give pause to companies to apologize. An admission of any kind of wrongdoing is fraught with legal risk. At the same time, failure to apologize when something has gone wrong, and failure to do it in a timely and genuine way, is rife with PR risk.

How to apologize? When to apologize? What to say? How to deliver it?

These are all questions Stacy Bettison answers in a recent interview by AdWeek for “Sorry is the Hardest Word,” written by Diana Pearl. She discussed social media, non-apologies, and how genuine and simple words are the most powerful influences in apologizing effectively.

Read the full article on AdWeek here or view the full PDF article here.