BETTISON Grows Crisis Communications Team

Bettison Team Expands Crisis Communications Team


Stacy L. Bettison


BETTISON Grows Team to Provide First-in-Class Service for Crisis Communications and Reputation Management:

Business model provides high-quality services of large agencies, with nimble and flexible strategies of boutique, crisis PR firm


Minneapolis, MN — September 19, 2018. Today BETTISON announced a growing team of professionals and talent partners that further sets the Minneapolis-based boutique public relations firm apart from its competitors. BETTISON’s team and partners deliver full yet flexible high-level strategy and communications counsel for companies and high-profile individuals dealing with the toughest, most complex crises and reputational challenges.

“We have strategically grown our team to provide the tailored services our clients need, precisely when they need them,” said Stacy Bettison, owner and founder of BETTISON. “We are nimble and move quickly to assemble the needed resources to deliver the most sophisticated and effective communications strategies in times of crisis. We are the firm that can provide the deft, discrete and sound counsel of one trusted advisor, or a lean, aggressive team of two attorney communicators, or an army of strategists.”

Led by Stacy Bettison, a licensed attorney and expert in legal/litigation and crisis communications counsel for over 20 years, the BETTISON model draws upon highly credentialed professionals, with whom the firm has long-standing, working relationships. The teams collaborate on a flexible, tech-savvy, contractual basis, thereby reducing expensive overhead that is otherwise typically passed on to clients. The BETTISON team now includes:

  • Val O’Reilly, expert in public relations and marketing communications for over 25 years;
  • Evan Rice, licensed attorney with over 20 years elite-level experience in business, real estate, environment and natural resources law and communications;
  • Sarah Steil and Lisa Reed of bTd Brand, with a combined 30+ years experience, providing design, marketing and brand services; and
  • Jeff Brandt of Storyboard Films, providing video production services.

BETTISON also regularly collaborates with its preferred commercial photographers, web development and programming, copy writing and digital marketing experts.

“Our focus has been, and always will be, providing clients with exceptional, thorough and timely service that achieves business and reputational objectives. We are tireless in our effort to be efficient with client resources, and at the same time, protect our clients and stakeholders during times of crisis.”

About BETTISON.Based in Minneapolis, BETTISON is an attorney-led crisis communications and reputation management firm working with corporate and individual clients in a variety of industries to manage legal and business risk. The firm implements a variety of communication strategies including corporate communications, traditional public relations, media relations, and social and digital media.