Why Good Media Relations Matter for Reputation

We work with so many great clients, and Sunrise Energy Ventures and CEO Dean Leischow are the perfect representation of great people doing great work. It’s our job, as public relations professionals, to support our client’s work by bringing their stories of success to larger audiences with effective media relations. Good work should be featured. And even better when featured in a glossy magazine, as Sunrise Energy Ventures recently was.

Making the Pitch

Because of their important work to bring solar energy to more communities around the nation, they were the perfect candidate to feature for this recent article we pitched as part of our media relations services. For 26 years Dean Leischow has worked tirelessly to bring more efficient energy solutions to every industry in which he’s worked.

Stacy Bettison, President of BETTISON, first identified Lake Minnetonka Magazine as a natural fit for featuring the work of Sunrise Energy Ventures, as they are based in Minnetonka, and CEO Dean Leischow is also a resident. From there, BETTISON colleague Val O’Reilly gathered the relevant information from the client needed to make a solid pitch. This whole process didn’t take much time and was a minimal investment by the client.

Why Landing Media Stories About Your Company Matters

We live in Google. Everything is on-line. When you or your company is “Googled” for whatever reason, a fresh article featuring your company is a chance for your stakeholders to see your company doing what it does best. It’s chance to tell your true story, highlight your genius, and get some recognition for all the hard work that you do every day. These type of feature articles as a result of effective media relations communicate your work and your passion from a different perspective other than the communications you generate as a company — different than what’s featured at your website, your recruiting materials, and your social media.

Feature Stories Get You in Front of New People

Media stories — whether in print or exclusively on-line, get new people looking at you and what you are passionate about. It has the potential to open new doors, for new business, for talent or simply new professional connections. And because everything is on-line, they have longevity that serves you well.

We Love to Pitch and We’re Good

Our pitch rate isn’t perfect, but almost. At BETTISON, we know what makes a good story. We know what journalists are looking for, what magazine editors need and what angle to take to serve our clients best.

Every organization has something that should be shared, a story waiting to be told. Contact BETTISON today and let us help you share your good work with the world.

Read the full Sunrise Energy Venture article and interview with Dean Leischow here.

BETTISON offers clients effective media relations services to get credible feature articles
Sunrise Energy Ventures makes solar energy more affordable and accessible to communities. Its work and CEO were recently featured in a magazine article as a result of BETTISON media relations services.