Bettison to Present Popular “10 Smart Strategies for Reputation Management after a Workplace Crisis”

Stacy Bettison will be presenting her popular “10 Smart Strategies for Reputation Management after a Workplace Crisis” on December 6, 2012 for the Institute for Human Resources’ Health and Safety Event.

Who should attend:

  • C-suite executives
  • In-house counsel
  • Risk managers
  • Facility managers

What you will learn:

  • Being responsive to critical stakeholders, including media, when time is of the essence
  • Understanding the difference between pursuing your legal defenses and being defensive
  • Ways to strengthen your organization and your key relationships now before a crisis occurs.

Seminar description:Reputation management, workplace crisis, media relations, crisis communications

Just as workplace health and safety requires careful planning, analysis and response, so too does protecting your business reputation. When any kind of workplace crisis occurs, the damage to your reputation can be disastrous, costly and long-lasting. The chief concern is always to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all employees, and ensuring continued safety and well-being after a crisis is the paramount objective.Take control to safeguard your business and its reputation with thoughtful planning and response.

Bettison will discuss reputation risks and provide you with tactics to handle even the most difficult reputational challenges, including media inquiries, OSHA investigations, litigation and community relations.While most crises to be discussed will involve health and safety in the workplace, many of the strategies to be discussed will apply, in some form or another, to other crises or critical issues, such as union contract negotiations, change of leadership, loss of a significant customer.

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