Bettison to Present on Data Breach Crisis Communications

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Stacy Bettison will be among several others on a panel of experienced practitioners on how to handle cybersecurity incidents — and specifically data breach crisis communications — at the National Ass’n of Women Lawyer’s Regional General Counsel Institute. At the Cyber Security & Data Privacy “Hot Topic” seminar, in-house counsel will explain their incident response plans. Bettison will speak about […]

Bettison Presents Crisis Communications + Social Media CLE

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Bettison will present a new continuing legal education seminar focused on the very timely challenges of crisis communications and social media. Recent crises such as #CeciltheLion and Jared Fogel/Subway are illustrative of how social media rules the day during crisis. For Minnesota Continuing Legal Education (MinnCLE), Stacy Bettison, together with Senior Lawyer and Litigation Manager Brooke Tassoni of Cargill […]

One PR Move the Minnesota Dentist Must Make

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The Minnesota dentist’s reputation is indelibly marred by this tragedy. Though he has taken initial steps to manage this personal crisis — including issuing a statement denying wrongdoing, cooperating with authorities, and expressing regret and sorrow — it will take considerable time before the dust settles. Global fervor is at its peak right now. Depending […]

Corporate Apologies: When is it too late to apologize?

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Can a corporation’s apology ever come too late? Crisis communications often involve apologies. Apologies are less science and more art – and much more, matters of the heart. What to say, when to say it, and to whom are primary considerations. Timing can be tricky, and it raises this question: Is it ever too late […]

When a Problem Becomes a Crisis

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Life is full of unexpected, uncomfortable and unfortunate events . . . a workplace accident, a lapse of judgment by an employee or a manager, a parting of the ways with an employer or a spouse. Most times, we manage these situations like every other challenge. Before long the situation is behind us. But not […]

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