Stacy BettisonI offer what most PR professionals do not — an expert, complimentary blend of legal, business and communications experience.  This unique expertise, coupled with a passion and flair for solving problems and developing opportunities, makes me a valuable, trusted resource for my clients.

As a former litigator and general counsel, I have navigated complex legal issues in litigation, transactional and regulatory contexts.  In my experience as a strategist and communicator, I have led and managed all aspects of communications strategy development and media relations in a wide range of business and organizational settings.

I help clients manage worst-case scenarios in the media, must-win moments and everything in between.  I know how to reach critical stakeholders in a productive, effective and cost-efficient way to achieve legal, business and organizational objectives.

I am responsive and thoughtful, and clients benefit from my ethical, professional and thorough work style.  I serve as a trusted confidant to my clients for the most challenging moments and greatest opportunities.

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