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Crisis Communications
Manage a crisis with careful, tactical and nimble communications and execution.
Corporate Communications
Make your organization strong — express what’s most important.
Reputation Management
Take charge of your reputation with proactive and responsive planning.
Media Relations
Engage effectively with the media so your story is told accurately.
Litigation Communications
Balance sensitive interests with calculated public relations and legal expertise.
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Our work recently brought us to Philadelphia, and we found time to visit this important place — the Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. #priceoffreedom #vietnamwar #thankyouvets


Minneapolis crisis communications, reputation management and public relations

Crises, journalists, bet-the-company moments, legal challenges — it’s what we do every day. We can help you find a way through a communications crises and come out stronger. BETTISON delivers tactical, nimble and focused attention to manage and overcome challenges, use resources and pursue opportunities.

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Why BETTISON? Minneapolis public relations firm owner Stacy Bettison discusses how BETTISON approaches crisis communications.

We offer what most PR firms do not — an expert, complimentary blend of legal, business and communications experience. This unique expertise, coupled with a passion and flair for solving problems and developing opportunities, makes BETTISON a valuable, trusted resource for our clients.

BETTISON provides crisis communications, reputation management and media relations services. Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, BETTISON serves regional, national and international businesses and organizations.

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